Raspberry Pi Colocation

In our datacentre we offer free Raspberry Pi Colocation!


Phase 1: 100x Colo for Raspberry Pi for free! (finished)

Phase 2: Additional 100x Colo for Raspberry Pi for free! (finished)

Phase 3: We are now offering Raspberry Pi Colocations for 39,99 € per month.


You will get:

  • Colocation of your Raspberry in our datacentre (including network connectivity and power consumption)
  • Internet-connectivity 100 Mbit with IPv6 IP address and default reverse DNS (no changes possible on free offers)
  • Traffic-Flatrate "fair use". Please don't use more than 100 GB per month.


Terms and conditions:

  • Please note: it's for a "nacked" Raspberry PI im normal case. We allow short USB sticks.
  • External hard drives are not allowed.
  • You will get IPv6 address for free. Public IPv4 will be billed with a small fee (please ask our support).
  • You get what you pay for. It means: first we give support for our paying clients, after it we help client on this free project. Please understand it and don't be deceived if you have to wait for support.
  • Being "Free Raspberry Colo" client you can contact us only through ticket systems, and we help you only during business hours. Please no mails or phone calls, really ticket system only. But if you write us your phone number, we may call you to solve some problems faster.
  • The project "Free Raspberry Colo" is a long-term project - but we reserve the right to terminate it anytime if we can not support free services anymore.
  • The network connectivity is "low cost", means the routing and the bandwidth will be not as good as for paying clients. You also will get a shared network port. In any case you should be able to use about 10 mbit bandwidth (up/down).
  • We accept only devices in normal cases, without external storages / USB drives. But you can install small USB sticks, it's OK.
  • This project is limited to 1 device per company / household. It means: every surname + address combination only 1 devices.
  • To reduce the costs we run the devices without UPS and Diesel generator. But it's power connectivity within a datacenter, so in any case very stable.
  • We allow any legal services except erotic content and IRC-servers. Sorry, it's a management decision, so even legal erotic stuff isn't allowed.

Contract period:

It's a long term project, and we want to run it for many years. At least for 12 month. We will see how you like it... Please note: if you misuse our services, we will cancel your contract without any warnings.



All devices are located in our backup datacentre in Munich / Bavaria / Germany. You can bring us the device or send through UPS / DHL / Fedex. You can also collect it here. We don't allow access to our server rooms.


Shipping the device back:

Shipment within Germany: 10 € including VAT. Shipping to other countries: of course no problem, please ask for a quote. Or ask UPS about pickup service.



Reboots are free during business hours, but only 1 reboot per day and max 2 reboots per week. In the future we will provide a web interface.

Reinstallation of the operating system, error analysis and so on is billed with 30 € per 15 min including VAT. We work for you only during business hours. We know that in many cases it's cheaper to send the device back. You can also send us a replacement SD card, we can replace it for free.


Special requests:

If you have any special requests like external hard drives, clusters made of several devices, 24x7 service and so on: please ask us about an individual offer.


Why do we offer such services?

We like Raspberry Pi. And we want to give something back to the community.


How to start?

We are currently in a public beta. To start using our service, please send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For further questions: please mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Mail only for questions, for support after you have your device in our datacentre please use the ticket system, your login credentials will be sent you after we receive the device)


Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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